What is the process to adopt from Rover’s Rescue & Retreat?

  1. Complete the RRR adoption application and return.

  2. Meet and greet with any children and existing pets at RRR.

  3. A RRR volunteer may conduct a home visit.

  4. Adoption Contract is signed and returned with adoption fee.

  5. Arrange a time with RRR to pickup dog

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Puppies under 1 year   - $325

Dogs 1 year and older -  $275

Dogs over 6 years        -  $150



What is included in the adoption fee?

The adoption fee covers distemper, parvo and rabies shots, spay or neuter and microchipping. If old enough, dog will be on  heartworm and flea/tick preventive.



When should my puppy be spayed or neutered?

The commitment from the adopter is that a puppy be spayed/neutered no earlier than 6 months old and no later than 10 months old.


What happens if I can no longer keep my adopted dog?


The adoption contract states that a dog adopted from RRR MUST be returned to RRR.  It is against the terms of the adoption contract to rehome or take a RRR dog to the shelter. Contact RRR immediately.